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Buyers Agents

We take the pain out of property investing. We do the legwork for you. We go in as your advocate. With us behind you, you save big on time and money. We wrangle real estate agents, solicitors and conveyancers to get you the best deal there is.

Property Research

With new developments springing up each month, how do you sift through the coal to find the gems? The answer: research. Property Drive’s rigorous research filters prospects across Australia to uncover high-growth suburbs and properties of real value.

Wealth Building Education

Whether you're a first-time investor, or looking to consolidate your portfolio, we take the time to share what we know, in a format that fits your goals. And with our mortgage brokers and financial planning expertise, you know you’re getting the whole picture.

Mortgage Broking

Our in-house mortgage brokers design your borrowing strategy, setup and negotiate your finance and educate you throughout the wealth building journey. With channels to major and non-major lenders, we’ll uncover the full spectrum of loans — including offers that the banks usually don’t talk about.

Financial Planning

Behind every successful property investor is a sound financial plan. We believe that knowledge and wealth gives us more choice about the way we want to live. Creating and protecting wealth doesn't happen by chance. To get good financial results, you need good financial advice.

Development Consultants

If you’re an experienced developer, you know building inside out. Where we add value is in the stages before the concrete is poured: researching marketing conditions, finding sites that will spark buyers’ interest, and facilitating the whole process.

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We start by getting to know you. We work with you to understand your financial goals? Taking a hard look at where your money goes will help you prioritise what is necessary spending and what is wasteful.

Once we’ve laid the ground work and set the right foundation, we’ll design your investment plan and guide you along the wealth building roadmap.

We scan developments across Australia, filtering each one through our rigorous criteria. Just some of the factors we consider include: population growth and job conditions, as well as proximity to schools and shops. Just as importantly, we look at the real estate market itself: supply, demand and auction clearance rates. Finally, We pull it all together, so you can see what properties we recommend — and why.

We make purchasing a property hassle-free. We do this all the time, so we know what route to take. That includes saving you headache by arranging the paperwork, and bringing in the right people. We’ll liaise with the builders, wrangle the solicitors and line up the conveyancers.
At this point, we’ll also draw up a plan for checking in to review your investment portfolio.

Purchasing property is only the start of your investment journey. The only thing certain in life is that your circumstances will change.

With life moving at a frantic pace you need to constantly ask the question “I am heading in the right direction?” We stay with you and check in along the way to make sure you stack on track. We’ll also ask if your personal circumstances have changed. That ongoing support gives you confidence that every step is getting you closer to achieving your goals.

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"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value."

Albert Einstein

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